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Demo Days

Join us for the following single and multi-vendor demo days. Try out the best new clubs on our outdoor driving ranges or in our indoor fitting bays. See your ball in flight and analyze your club head and launch data before and after impact. Representatives from the leading manufacturers will be onsite to custom fit you to the best clubs for your game.

Don’t miss out on the chance to improve your game and enjoy a great golf experience!

Single Vendor Demo Days

Check Back for Upcoming Demo Days

Fortunately, every day at Golf & Ski is a demo day! Each store features demo clubs and the latest fitting carts from all the leading club manufacturers.

Outdoor ranges onsite in West Lebanon, Greenland and Hudson, NH, and located at Nonesuch River Golf Club in Scarborough, ME, allow you to try new clubs before you buy. See ball flight, compare and contrast several different models, and find the perfect clubs for your game.

Each store also features high-tech, computer based fitting in our indoor fitting bays. Using TrackMan 4 and Foresight Sports GCHawk simulator technology, our expert fitters can dial you in to the best performing clubs based on your ball flight.

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