Twist & Shout: The New TaylorMade M3 and M4 Drivers

The new TaylorMade M3 and M4 Drivers have landed in our four retail stores, and we’re excited to have you come test swing them in our indoor fitting bays or on the outdoor ranges.

It’s the best way for you to see what Taylor Made’s new Twist Face technology is all about and how it can improve your tee shots.

You’ve no doubt seen the television commercials and heard the buzz about the Twist Face technology.

Combined with other TaylorMade innovations, and available in a variety of models to best suit your swing, the new Twist Face technology in the M3 and M4 drivers offers you multiple options to improve your performance and consistency off the tee.

Twist Face Goes Farther & Straighter

The new Twist Face technology is engineered to take your tee shots farther and straighter—thanks to its revolutionary face curvature.

The curvature provides a corrective face angle on off-center hits that is engineered to reduce sidespin and deliver straighter shots.

By providing more loft in the high-toe and less loft in the low-heel, this groundbreaking technology produces more consistent side spin in the areas where golfers most commonly hit their tee shots.

The result is more tee shots landing in the fairway.

A Tangible Competitive Advantage

“It’s a radical departure from traditional driver-face design,” says Brian Bazzel, Taylor Made’s VP of Product Creation, of the new Twist Face. “It is engineered to correct for inherent human swing tendencies in real time, giving golfers a tangible competitive advantage.”

M3 and M4 Drivers

Now Only $299.99

The New Hammerhead Slot:
A Massive Sweet Spot

Every new M3 and M4 Driver model also features Taylor Made’s new Hammerhead slot that creates a massive sweet spot and pushes the limit of ball speed to produce distance and forgiveness across the entire face.

The reinforced outer portions of the slot allow for a lighter, more flexible face, while the center portion of the slot increases ball speed on low face strikes and drops spin for more distance.

These powerful, forgiving drivers also deliver exceptional sound and feel.

The M3 Driver:
New Y-Track Weighting for Optimal Results

In addition to Twist Face and Hammerhead slot technology, the new TaylorMade M3 driver also includes a new Y-track in the sole.

The Y-track features two seamlessly movable weights, allowing you to adjust your settings for optimal trajectory, maximum forgiveness, and raw speed.

Simple and intuitive, the Y-track delivers a completely connected track system for the first time, giving you unrestricted movement of 22g of mass (in two 11g weights).

The M4 Driver:
Geocoustic Technology

The TaylorMade M4 driver features an imaginative approach to club head design, called Geocoustic technology.

Geocoustic technology utilizes advanced sole shaping techniques to deliver a solid and explosive sound with exceptional feel.

The recessed sole contour also frees up volume to produce a larger clubface with a 67% larger sweet spot.

All the elements of the new M4 driver combine to deliver consistent driving performance through a premium blend of power, forgiveness and accuracy.

The M4 D-Type Driver:
Cure That Slice, Add More Draw

Want to eliminate your slice off the tee?

The new M4 D-Type Driver combines new Twist Face, Hammerhead slot and Geocoustic technology with innovative draw-biased features to provide a performance prescription to eliminate sliced drives and promote a draw.

The M4 D-Type Driver also features a two-tone crown graphic that has been altered to make the face angle appear more open, resulting in a more closed face at impact.

Finally, 41 grams of weight have been moved toward the heel to deliver draw bias.

D-type Driver

M4 Ladies Drivers:
Designed for Women

The new M4 Ladies Driver is specifically designed for women and features Twist Face, Hammerhead slot and Geocoustic technology for a premium blend of power, forgiveness and accuracy.

While the M4 D-Type Ladies Drivers promotes a draw bias to help eliminate slices off the tee and put your drives in the fairway.

M3 and M4 Fairway Woods

Now Only $199.99

Test Swing The New M3 and M4 Drivers Today

We’re very excited to have you come touch and feel the new TaylorMade M3 and M4 Drivers and Fairway Woods and test swing them in our indoor fitting bays or on the outdoor driving ranges.

At Golf & Ski, we specialize in expert custom club fitting to maximize your performance and your pleasure. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of golfers, a custom club fitting is the key to playing better golf.

Swing by and see us today!

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